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Lesson 1

Learning Objective:


I can identify and create pattern.







We are learning about patterns in the environment. We can then use our understanding of them to create our final masterpieces, at the end of the unit. 

What equipment will you need?

Plain paper

Wax crayons, Pencil crayons. If you have pens, too, then experiment with those aswell.


What is expected?

The end result (outcome) of your investigation will be 1 or 2 sheets of paper, covered in multi-coloured patterns. Each pattern will show the result of a rubbing made using one of your chosen mediums (wax crayon OR pencil crayon OR pen).

You will have 12 / 18 final rubbings. Make your work colourful and well organised. Add a label too. We want to know where you found the pattern and which medium you used.  


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