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Lesson 2


You're going to love this!


What is our objective, this week?


Learning Objective: to use line, shape and shade to create an observational drawing.


By the end of this lesson you will have drawn a realistic apple, using pencil control, shading and your observation skills. 


First of all, with pencil, rubber and paper, at the ready, watch the following video on YouTube.

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Now you have practised shading techniques, are you ready to create your apple?


With pencil, rubber, paper and apple, on hand, watch the video and then have a go.




1.Make sure your pencil is sharp


2.Grip your pencil so that you use the side of the nib


3.Control the pressure you use


4.When drawing the outline, start very lightly and have your rubber at the ready.  


5.Keep stopping the video         


Apple sketch for kids

We cannot wait to see your sketches. Take your time and really think about that shading.
Have fun!

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