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Arts Award

We are working towards an Arts Award called Artsmark.

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England.


It provides a clear framework for teachers to plan, develop and evaluate arts, culture and creativity across the curriculum and beyond.


A creative curriculum is important as it encourages children who have strengths in other areas to excel. It lets children express themselves in a way that is neither right nor wrong. It takes about 2 years of work and the award is valid for 2 years.


It can include all sorts of creative expressions including: dance, drama, visual arts, digital media, film, cultural heritage, music.

Examples of projects that we already offer: 

Music provision, choir, extra-curricular (dance, drama, signing, Young Voices, craft), school shows, curriculum time, out of school musicians and dancers coming in (steel pans), wider opportunities (violin and cello for year 4)


The Arts Award also links to our RJS attitudes:

How Well Did I Do: self-reflection, looking back on videos of self to reflect on performances, improving and editing for next time


More Than Just Me: working in a team to produce a film or direct and produce a play, or a piece of music or art


Thinking For Myself – being independent and researching ways to do things or how to do things better, how to make a specific effect on the paper for art, or practising a dance move for a dance project


Dare To Be Different: allowing children to do projects with no right or wrong answer or outcome, they can be creative and use their imagination to express themselves


I Can Do It – giving children a sense of achievement, after all the hard work they have something to show for it


Aiming High – thinking about what they would like to do/create and working on how they can create that


We are at the very start of our Arts Mark journey, but we will keep you updated throughout!

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