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Autumn Term 1 and 2 2017-18

This term, our main topic focus is how life in Britain, and Ripley, changed during the First and Second World War.



This term, we will revise key grammar terms from Years 4 and 5, where we will apply our knowledge of these in a piece of descriptive writing. We will then move onto Story Writing, using War Horse as a stimulus and Journalistic Newspaper Writing, based upon the Blitz in WW2. After half term, we will explore Persuasive texts and recounts, based on the experiences of different people in WW2, we will use ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ as a stimulus for these units.



During the first few weeks, we will recap the four operations and written methods from last year, before moving onto Year 6 Place Value and Number Objectives. We will also investigate fractions and direction/position objectives after half term.



We will investigate the lives of soldiers and the people at home during the first and second world war. We will also explore how life changed in Ripley and the surrounding areas, and the impact we had in the war effort.




During Autumn 1, PPA staff (Miss Orwin and Mr Adams) will focus on Microorganisms and ecosystems in science. After Half Term, we will explore Electricity, circuits and its use in everyday life.




This term we will investigate how search engines and websites are created and how the words we use in them change the results we gain. We will also explore how these link to internal computer networks.



We will investigate how the environment can affect and be used to show our faith. We will also focus on Judaism, linking into the impact the war had on Jewish people (PPA Autumn 2).



During Autumn 1, we will recycle old clothes and accessories in a ‘Make do and mend’ style to create a present for a loved one. We will then move onto exploring different War Artists and their representations during WW1 and 2 – from battle field to London Blitz scenes (PPA Autumn 2).



We will investigate different composers and how they have used a variety of tuned and untuned instruments, finishing in creating our own pieces in various styles.



Autumn 1 – Indoor Athletics and Gymnastics

Autumn 2 – Invasion Games and Dance



We will learn how to give and receive directions in French and will explore different places in France and French culture.



Autumn 1 – I find it hard to concentrate – how can we improve our learning attitudes and study skills, what can we do if we feel stressed out by work?

Autumn 2 – Bullying – exploring different types of bullying and how we can help those who are bullied and those who bully others.

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