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This term in English we will be revising key grammar skills from year 4 and beginning to introduce skills from year 5. We will then be applying these skills in our Story Writing unit of Traditional Tales with a Twist and our Newspaper unit. Children will be writing a newspaper report about fracking which links to our topic this half term. In spelling we will introduce the children to the year 5/6 spelling list, this is the list that has been sent home so they can continue to practise them. Through reading lessons we will continue to teach the key skills children need to access a variety of text forms. We will use ERIC to question what the children have read and children will use APE to form their answers.


ERIC: Explain, Retrieve, Interpret and Choice.


APE: Answer it, Prove it, Explain it.



During our first few weeks of Autumn 1 we will be revising the four operations. particularly written methods, from last year. We will then move on to year 5 place value, where we focus of 5 and 6 digit numbers. After this, children will use these numbers and apply them into the written methods for addition and subtraction that they learnt last year. In Autumn 2 we will break from number for a statistics unit, then move on to multiplication and division and finally measures. Throughout the term we will continually review what we have already learnt and apply it into new contexts to allow for problem solving and reasoning activities.



Our topic this half term is Enough for Everyone. In this topic we will be exploring the different types of energy and how they are produced. We will identify the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energies and consider how food miles can affect our carbon footprint. Next half term we will be learning about Space.



Science this half term is all about forces. We will explore the different types of forces through investigations and experiments. In Autumn 2 we will explore Space.



Our computing unit this half term is databases. We will use Microsoft Excel to learn the key skills of Spreadsheets, for example: tables, graphs and formula.



Autumn 1: Athletics and Gymnastics



In French we will be learning all about holidays.



This half term will be exploring: Why do we have rules? We will explore this topic, first in the context of school, then look into the wider community and why it is important to have rules and follow them.

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