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During the autumn term, we will be discovering who ruled over England and where these rulers lived. Most of our subjects will relate to this topic to immerse the children and create a cross-curricular approach.



To begin the term, we will be reviewing the grammar we learnt in year 2 and applying these skills to a descriptive piece of writing. We will then be creating newspaper articles and a piece of persuasive writing relating to the legend of Robin Hood. As well as this, we will study poetry and create our own legend set in the medieval period.



As part of our daily reading lessons, we will be learning how to look for deeper meaning in texts we read. We will do this by using VIPERS questions which focus on vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation of authorial choice, retrieval of information and summarising the text. 




We also have daily spelling lessons at RJS, during the autumn term we will review the spelling patterns we learnt in year 2 including vowel diagraphs and digraphs before moving onto the year 3 suffixes and prefixes. There are also phonics lessons for those children who need to review their phonic knowledge before moving onto spelling.



The autumn term focuses heavily on number and calculations in year 3, this provides children with the skills they will need to apply later on in the year for all other areas of maths. We will cover: number and place value; both mental and written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication; and understanding how division and multiplication are linked.




During autumn 1, we will be discovering the locations of the UK’s castles and exploring the reasons why these castles were built in these locations. When we return after half-term, we will then move onto looking at who ruled the UK and the influence they had upon it.



Science will be taught by Mrs Till, who is part of the PPA team, during autumn term. We will be discovering the effects of forces and magnets upon objects during autumn 1 and then learning all about light, including how light travels and how we see light during autumn 2.



Initially, we will be learning basic computer skills such as: logging onto the laptops; using the internet safely to find information; using programmes such as Microsoft Word; opening and saving documents; learning how to copy and paste; and investigating the many ways of communicating using technology and how to stay safe when doing so.



As we are new to Ripley Junior School, we will be learning about why rules are important for keeping us all safe and happy. We will be learning how to learn by using our school learning attitudes and having a growth mind-set. We will then be exploring what makes a good friend and why friendship is important.




As part of RE, we will be investigating what sacred spaces are, their purpose and why they are important. We will then look at the deeper meaning of festivals which links with our harvest festival and Christmas production.




In preparation for our harvest festival assembly and Christmas production, we will be learning a variety of songs as part of our music studies.



During autumn 1, we will be learning some basic stitches to create a topic related bookmark. Later in the term, we will be learning how to sketch portraits in the style of the royal portraits of the past.



Our PE focus for Autumn 1 will be athletics and gymnastics. This will be followed by invasion games and dance in Autumn 2.

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