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Computing - Mrs Hardy

The new computing curriculum develops both skills and knowledge. Children are taught computer science; this includes the craft of coding.

The children learn about programming, data, algorithms and networks. This enables them to develop an understanding of the principles of computer science. They develop computational thinking. There is also a focus on problem solving: using logic and ideas about systems, patterns (and pattern languages), abstraction and decomposition.


The new curriculum puts a clearer emphasis on three areas of learning:

Computer science - how computers work and how to write algorithms/solve problems to create a new computer program.

Information technology - how data is represented and managed on computers.

Digital literacy - how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately.


The aim of the new curriculum is to build an understanding of how computers work and how they can be used in pupils' lives - both in their future employment and enabling them to be 21st century global citizens.


Here at Ripley Junior School, the teaching of Computing is based largely around Purple Mash and is supported by other programs and software so that all children are supported and challenged.

Curriculum Policy

Our curriculum overview for computing

Curricululm progression

See the parent and children areas for specific e-safety curriculum information and advice.

Computing glossary of terms

 Purple Mash can be accessed at home using the login details provided by your class teacher. Click on the image to access the site. 

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