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Our English units over the autumn term, will consist of a genre focus (such as non-chronological reports/persuasive writing/stories) and link relevant reading, spelling and grammar to them. We will read high-quality texts to establish structure and grammar features needed to be successful when writing.


Grammar - we will revisit grammar from year 3-5, as well as building on our knowledge for year 6. We will use various types of grammar and punctuation to help our writing flow cohesively.




Spelling - In year 6, we revisit spelling patterns learnt in previous years. We will also learn the statutory years 5 and 6 spelling words. We expect the children to use different ways to learn their spellings - rhymes, looking for patterns, exploring meanings, finding synonyms and antonyms, copying and many more. We help the children to find out how they learn spelling best. These are the years 5 and 6 spelling words:



Reading - We will continue to have daily guided reading sessions, where we will read a text as class. We will then focus on the different skills needed to become a good reader. These include - vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising. We will look at how good readers use reading as a way to explore language and increase their vocabulary range.

Please encourage your child to read daily at home - this has been proven to increase their reading ability. They can read a range of things for pleasure - stories, newspaper articles, game instructions - these will all help.

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