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This week:

3x Grammar lessons to do as and when. They need to be completed by Friday.

Plus, your main task this week, is to edit your story from before half term.

You will have been given feedback either on Google Classroom, via email, dojo or directly from your teacher, for each part of the story.


We would like you to look at the feedback from each section and then edit and improve using it.

You also need to check the following, before writing your story up into its final copy.

- Punctuation (especially capital letters and full stops - these are non-negotiable)

- Spelling (check words you are unsure of with a dictionary)

- Grammar (correct use of there/their/they're)

- It makes sense - no missing words


It should include:

- Short sentences for impact

- A range of rich vocabulary, including expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and personification

- Show not tell sentences - to emphasise how the character is feeling

- Rhetorical questions



You may also like to include illustrations and images to enhance the text.

Our drop-in at the latter end of the week (details to be confirmed) will be a chance to showcase your stories to other members of Y6. We can't wait to hear them!




Grammar Lessons:

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