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Writing activity for the week

This week we will continue with our superhero work as part of transition - remember this will be sent to your secondary school so try your best and ensure you include as many of the year 6 grammar and punctuation features as possible (use the writing mat to help you). Last week you planned your superhero story, this week you will need to decide whether you are going to write this as a story, or as a newspaper article reporting on what happened. You will have the entire week to write and edit and improve your work. I have attached a writing mat to help you think about the year 6 features you need to use, ensure you aim for working at standard or greater depth. I have uploaded a blank newspaper template for if you wish to write it as a newspaper article. Remember to follow the writing process of drafting, editing and writing up your final piece.

Enjoy, take your time and ensure it is a quality year 6 piece of writing.

Tuesday - SPAG 

We would also like you to complete these 2 SPAG mats.

Thursday - Reading Comprehension

Please complete the reading comprehension about the NHS, there are 3 differentiated comprehensions to choose from (you only need to do one of them):

* - mild

**- hot

***- extra hot and spicy



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