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How are they marked?


How are the tests marked?

The children will sit the tests during May, and we will receive their results around mid July.  The maths, SPAG and reading papers are all sent away and externally marked.


There isn't a writing test.  How is writing levelled?

The children's writing is assessed by the Year 6 teachers, and often an external moderator comes to check our levelling.  We look at the children's best work from the whole of year 6, and use this as a basis for our assessment which is why it is so important that the children work hard throughout the year.  The children are given a level for their overall writing (working below the national standard, working at the national standard, exceeding the national standard). 



In previous years, your child was assessed against a level system, with an average Year 6 pupil being expected to achieve a level 4b in their reading, writing and maths.  



This system has been abolished and now, when you receive your child's SATs results you will be given the "raw score" that they achieved in their test, (in other words the number of correct responses they gave in the test, which could be out of 70 for Grammar and Spelling, or 110 for the Maths paper or 50 for the Reading paper).

Then, you will also receive a "scaled score" which is between 85 and 120.

The scaled scores mean: 

  • A scaled score of 100 or more means that your child has achieved the national standard for the end of Year 6.
  • If your child's scaled score is below 100, they will be working below the national standard
  • If they have a scaled score of 110 or above, they will be exceeding the national standard.


If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask a member of the Year 6 team. 


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