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We would like you to continue to revise your times tables and written calculations for the next 2 weeks (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). However, we have now exhausted all of the activities on MyMaths for these areas. Therefore we would like you to complete as much of this booklet as possible over the next 2 weeks, those of you who have not returned to school should complete the whole booklet. You can either work out the answers in the exercise book you were given before lockdown, print and complete the questions on paper, or work out your answers on scrap paper and then type your answers into the google document (provided on google classroom) if you wish to share them with us.


If you have not returned to school, you will need to manage your time effectively in order to complete the whole booklet in the 2 weeks. This is a key skill which will prepare you well for secondary school.


If you have returned to school, you will need to complete at least 1 addition task, 1 subtraction task, 1 division task and 1 multiplication task. You are welcome to complete more for more Dojos and to practice.

There has also been a Times Table Rock Stars battle set up between 6NB and 6RT in order for you to practice your times tables. This will run from Monday morning 8:50am to Friday evening 9:00pm. Please ensure you log on and play as much as you can during this time.

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