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Guided Reading - Use the same poem each day and complete one from VIPERS each day.

Special Activity - PSHE

We are super lucky to have Ms Harker and Mrs Grimoldby providing music lessons for you so you don't miss out on your Wider Ops provision in lockdown. I have linked all of the videos below. I have also attached a word document that explains which order you should watch the videos in and which videos relate to your group, as they have very kindly done a little personalised message to each class!

The main part of the lesson goes like this: 1. Rhythm Round

2. Biscuits a

3. Biscuits b

4. Senwadedende Syncopation

5. Your personalised video

4MP - Dip Dip

4LB - Lemon Lime

4KA - Body Percussion

Biscuits a: 


Senwadedende Syncopation


Lemon Lime


Rhythm Round


Biscuits b:


Dip dip dip


Body Percussion


I hope these links work for you all!

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