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Maths - Miss Butler and Miss Davies

How we teach mathematics at Ripley Junior School.


At Ripley Juniors School we believe that all children have the potential to succeed, which is why we have taken a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics.


All children should have access to the same curriculum content and, rather than being extended with new learning, they should deepen their conceptual understanding by tackling challenging and varied problems


We believe children must not simply rote learn procedures but must understand what they are learning and can demonstrate their understanding of these procedures in various ways.


We teach using concrete apparatus before encouraging children to create pictorial representations which helps them, to understand the abstract concepts which are at the heart of maths.


We follow the White Rose Scheme to ensure children have a deep understanding of maths which can be applied to various situations and problems.


The White Rose Scheme - overview of the year

Here is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year in maths. However, timings and durations may change depending on the assessments made by your child's teacher. If they feel longer is needed on a topic, they will extend the unit to ensure the children have mastered it before moving on. Due to school closures caused by Covid-19, some units were not covered in school during the 2019/20 academic year which may result in some children having gaps in their learning. Therefore, as part of our recovery curriculum, we may need to teach objectives from the previous year before building upon this with the current year group's objectives for the topic. 


The 2014 National curriculum clearly outlines expected progression within each year group. To support further with ensuring work is pitched at an age-appropriate level, we also use the White Rose Maths Small Steps planning system. following on from our pre-assessment, we use these small steps to ensure that children re-cover any gaps in prior learning, before moving through age-related expectations quickly and confidently.


Pupils who require additional support have the opportunity to take part in catch up or pre-teaching sessions, which will 'over learn' concepts to support understanding. 


For more information regarding the progression for each strand of maths, please see the White Rose document below. Although we are junior school, we believe it is key to ensure progression from KS1 to KS2 and have therefore included the KS1 coverage in the progression document below.

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