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Young Voices 2021

Dear parent/guardian

I am writing to you because your child has expressed interest in a very exciting opportunity. Young Voices is a concert that has about 8000 children taking part. This year, our concert will take place on 8th June in Sheffield. We learn the songs separately and then join with hundreds of other schools for the concert.

Usually, we would practice at school altogether, but this year we can’t do that at the moment! We are relying on the children to learn all the movements, tunes and lyrics from the website using the following information:

The password is YV2021

There is a nice selection of songs, some of which children will know, others they won’t. Children will need to learn all the songs off by heart by the concert date. This is a lot of hard work at home, but if they enjoy singing, it shouldn’t be too bad! Hopefully, we will be able to have some rehearsals at school nearer the date as well.

Nearer the time, you will receive some more detailed information about the concert and timings, but I wanted to give you an overview so you can give your child permission before Christmas so they can start learning the songs over the holidays. We also need to know how many children we have in our RJS choir so we can organise the correct amount of chaperones (if any parent would like any more information about being a chaperone, please let me know!).

The children would come to school at the usual time on 8th June. We would have a rehearsal at school and then a coach would take the choir to the venue (FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield). We get to our seats and stay there until the concert has finished. We rehearse in our seats, have tea in our seats and then perform from our seats. Our RJS choir would all stay together all day. The concert finishes about 9 and we would be due back at school at about 10:30pm. It is a very long and exhausting day, but it is also an amazing experience.

Parents can buy tickets after Christmas if they wish to watch the concert. Then parents can collect children from the venue if they choose to come to the concert, or back from school if not. There will also be t-shirts that children can buy (not compulsory). The cost of the concert is free; however, we may ask for a small contribution from each child towards the coach costs. Children will need to bring a packed lunch and a packed tea with them on the date.

There are lots of videos from previous concerts on Youtube, so you can have a look at what it is like.

After Christmas, we will be sending out more detailed information about everything. If you have any questions, please ask me on dojo.

Consent is via ParentPay. Please consent by 8th January 2021.


Mrs Adey

(Music co-ordinator)

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