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Online Safety

How can we stay safe when we are online?

The online world has good and bad in it, just like the real world ... so how should we stay safe and have a good time online?


Complete seven activities which have real life online situations:

  • protecting identity surfing and searching,
  • downloading,
  • social networking,
  • chatting,
  • gaming,
  • cyber-bullying
  • text messaging

for KS2 students.

Online Fun

Digikids: E-safety FunTest and improve your e-safety know how with these great websites:


Child Net Watch cartoon videos to help reinforce the SMART rules!
Think U Know KS1 Key Stage 1, watch the Hector’s World cartoons whilst learning how to stay safe online
Net Smart Kids Tons of songs and games to develop your e-safety knowledge
Think U Know KS2 Key Stage 2, visit the Cyber cafe to demonstrate your e-knowhow!
Kid Smart KS2 Lots to learn – for Key Stage 2
Child Net Key Stage 2, learn about keeping your information secure online
BBC Newsround Newsround’s guide to safe surfing
BBC Online Safety top 5 ways to stay safe online
Kids Smart KS1 Nursery/Reception - fun ideas to try at home
Kids Smart KS1 Y1/2 - Links to fun websites to play/learn on

Worried about something?


* * TELL! * *



E-Safety?  Being bullied? Cyber-bullying?


·   Put it in the worry box in your classroom.


·   TELL someone


·   Tell a friend or a trusted adult


·   Send an email to:

Use this link to find out more information about how RJS keeps you safe in school and online!
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