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Peer Buddies

RJS Peer Buddies!



What are peer buddies?

We are a group of children in Years 5 and 6 who are trained to lead games and activities, and help out on the playground. If we see children looking a little sad o left out, we encourage them to join our activities, help find their friends or keep them company!


What things do we do?

We organise games along side the Mid-days. For example, rounders games, obstacle courses and football matches. Anyone can take part and we encourage children from different classes and year groups to help each other out!


How do you become a peer buddy?

Once a year, we are asked to apply for the job. Once accepted, we are trained over two days. In our training, we are shown different activities and games and given ways t help people who may not be feeling too happy on the playground.


How do I find out who the peer buddies are?

We have our photos on display in the main hall, next to the doors outside. We also wear coloured jackets when we are on the playground. Come and say hello!

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