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Spring 1 and 2 2017-18

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This term, our main topic focus is how trade, import and export effects our lives. We will also investigate life in the Shang Dynasty of China.



This term, we will continue to revise key grammar terms. We will begin to explore a wide range of writing genres to support our SATs writing assessments.


In reading, we will continue to use VIPERS questions to investigate a wide range of text types. We will also revise key reading skills from the National Curriculum.



We will continue to review the Number objectives we have covered so far. We will move onto decimals, percentages and algebra objectives. After half term, we will move onto ratio and proportion and measurement, including area and perimeter.



To begin, we will look at trade and the way trading, importing and explorting effects the way we live here in the UK. We will then investigate the lives of people who lived in the Shang Dynasty of China, including an investigation of Fu Hao – the wife of a Shang King.




During Spring 1, the children will study the Human Body, with a focus on the heart, lungs and circulatory system. During Spring 2, the children will consolidate their knowledge of electricity.



This term we will investigate how to create multimedia presentations to share our learning. We will move onto investigating ways to document data and present data using spreadsheets.



We will investigate how religions help us when life gets hard and consider different perspectives on prayer.



During Spring 1, we will investigate work by various artists and their views of different oriental flowers. We will use tis to create sketches, models and prints. During Spring 2, we will explore different foods and how to create them in authentic ways.



We will investigate the pentatonic scale, using this to create our own music. We will also investigate music from and inspired by Ancient Chinese civilisations.



Spring 1 – Health related fitness and Yoga

Spring 2 – Invasion Games and Dance



We will continue to learn how to give and receive directions in French and will explore different places in France and French culture.



Spring 1 – Should boys cry? We will investigate and address stereotypes. We will also continue our Mindfulness work.

Spring 2 – Does money make us happy? We will explore ways to save money, different accounts and how to spend our noney carefully. We will use the NATWEST moneysense scheme to support our children's learning.


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