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Children will have the opportunity to learn about Charles Darwin and write a detailed, fact packed biography. To call him an interesting character would be an understatement, so research and writing is certain to be 'top notch'.

They will also learn about The 'Mayan Gods' (part of our topic theme) and create a non-chronological report. Finally, performance poetry, and as The Jabberwocky is the focus, there is bound to be fun and creativity when we get the chance to use portmanteau vocabulary and fantastical creatures in our own poetry. Performances will be recorded for all children to enjoy and evaluate. 


Multiplication and division will feature largely, this term. Fractions, decimals and percentages will also be covered extensively to ensure fluency, reasoning and mastery of these three interlinked concepts.


South America and The Mayans will be the topic for Spring. Children will be encouraged to ask questions, practise their map reading skills, use reference books and the internet to complete research, draw conclusions, debate deforestation and discover the 'Rainforest' in all its glory. We're looking forward to our trip to the Tropical Butterfly House where we'll have the chance to see some Rainforest animals up close. The Mayans is a fascinating Ancient civilisation and the children will have chance to discover why they were such an advanced and highly intelligent culture. 



Properties and Changes of Materials-children will learn that all materials can be sorted: solid, liquid or gas. They will also hypothesise, investigate, measure, record and draw conclusions relating to how and why materials change.

What do you think will happen when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed?

Is it a reversible chemical reaction? Why not? 

What does insoluble mean? 

Water, ice and steam-how are they related? Can you explain the chemical reaction when a change in temperature occurs? 

All this and more for our eager scientists. 


Children will be discovering two composers, Heitor Villa Lobos and Sara Nguyen.  'Little Train of the Caipira' and 'The Explorer, the Bird and the Rainforest' were composed to communicate feelings. The stimulus for our group compositions will be 'Storm in a Rainforest', a poem already studied by the children. 



Kodu and Communicating, Collaborating, Blogging.


In RE the children will learn about Islam for the whole term.

PSHE asks the questions: What does proud mean? and I don't like vegetables, should I eat them?


In keeping with our topic, The Mayans, and having learned about their culture, the children will have the opportunity to make and taste tortillas.


Year 5 have the opportunity to work with the Sports Coach this term, working on Health related fitness with a focus on Dodgeball skills. It is sure to be a fast paced and energetic session. As well as expert coaching children will also learn yoga. They will follow an expert as she demonstrates a variety of poses which will enhance flexibility, strength and coordination. After practising their poses they will be able to create a rainforest story to be appreciated and evaluated by their peers. 


The topics for Spring are 'Hobbies' and 'School Trip'.  Children will learn how to speak and write about their hobbies. The second topic will give them an opportunity to describe what happens on a school trip and what they might see during the journey. 

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