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Summer 1 and 2 2017-18



This term, our main topic focus is how crimes, punishments and laws have changed over time.



This term, we will continue to revise key grammar terms. We will continue to explore a wide range of writing genres to support our SATs writing assessments.


In reading, we will continue to use VIPERS questions to investigate a wide range of text types. We will also revise key reading skills from the National Curriculum.


We will also continue our final preparations for the KS2 Assessments in May. After this, we will then begin transitional project work to begin preparing our children for their work in Year 7.



We will continue to review the objectives covered to date and will explore statistics, shape and measures objectives in preparation for the KS2 assessments in May.


After the assessments, we will begin transitional projects in preparation for our children’s learning in Year 7. More information to follow.



This term we will consolidate children’s knowledge of different historical periods studied while at RJS. We will investigate how crimes and law breaking was punished during each period, comparing the ideas together and against how crimes are punished today.




During the Summer Term, we will investigate Evolution and inheritance. We will then review all learning from KS2 through various projects to ensure the children have a good understanding of all areas of the science curriculum.




This term we will investigate and consolidate our understanding of networks and programming. We will use different packages to create online games.



We will investigate how religions guide us on beliefs about birth, life, marriage and death.



During the term we will create games and models which involve cogs, mechanisms and pulleys. We will also explore and compare different ways to advertise – using paper, printing and multimedia techniques.



We will begin to work on the leavers’ show, focusing on different ways to use our voice individually and in groups. We will also continue our work on composing music.



Summer 1 – Tennis

Summer 2 – Cricket and Outdoor Adventurous Activities



We will continue to learn how to talk about the future, jobs and revision of key terms learnt this year.



Summer 1 – Drugs and Alcohol education.

Spring 2 – Sex and Relationships Education.

Please see the PSHE page for more details on these units.


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