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During the summer term, we will be learning about how life changed in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Most of our subjects will relate to this topic to immerse the children and create a cross-curricular approach.


To begin the term, we will have an author visiting school to help us when creating our own stories. We will use the advise and techniques given to us to then create our own Stone Age inspired stories.   At the end of the first half term, we will be creating instructions to inform people how to create their very own Stone Age tool. When we return after the half term break, we will be writing diary entries as if we were living in the Stone Age followed by some persuasive Stone Age writing. We will also be creating our own Stone Age versions of the poem 'Fishbones Dreaming'.



As part of our daily reading lessons, we will be learning how to look for deeper meaning in texts through inference and understanding the intent and impact of the authors choices. We will do continue to do this by using RIC questions which focus on the retrieval of information, interpreting texts and choices made by the author. It is also part of our homework policy that children are reading at least three times at home during the week. Thank you for your support in reading, not only does reading improve children's decoding and understanding of texts, but it also improves their writing.



We also have daily spelling lessons at RJS, during the summer term we will be learning the year 3 spelling patterns. There are also phonics lessons for those children who need to review their phonic knowledge before moving onto spelling.



The summer 1 focuses fractions, due to spring 2 being such a short term.We will learn about what fractions are, how to add and subtract fractions, find fractions of amounts, count in tenths, compare fractions and begin to find equivalent fractions. After this we will be learning about time, this will involve reading analogue clocks to the minute, converting between 12 and 24 hour clock, problems involving time and other units of measure for time. We will then focus on shape which will include different types of lines and angles. We will then be learning about perimeter and how to find it linking our work on shape and measures from the spring term. Finally we will complete our statistics unit which will be linked to the research for our DT project.



During the summer term, we will be discovering how Britain changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will focus on how the people lived during these different periods of history. We will then learn how and why the people and the way their lives changed over time. We will also be visiting Creswell Crags as part of this topic so that we can see for ourselves what it would have been like to live in the Stone Age. 



Science will be taught by the PPA team (Mr Adams and Miss Orwin) during summer term. We will be investigating how and why it is important to keep our bodies healthy during summer 1. Summer 2 then links to our history topic as the children learn all about different rocks. 



As part of our computing learning, we will continue to learn how to stay safe when using technology. This term our computing will link to our music as we look at how computers can be used to create sound and music. Summer 2 will focus on collecting and analysing data which will link well to our DT and maths units. 



During the first half term, we will be learning about how our lives change and how this can make us feel. In the second half term, we will be looking at relationships and families. 


As part of RE, we will be investigating how religion can help build a fair world. We will look at how religion teaches us how to be fair to each other and how religious rules guide the lives of their followers.



Our music for this half term will link to our Stone Age topic as we paint with sound. Focusing on how sound can create images and make us feel different things.



Our art topic this is inspired by cave art, we will be creating our own Stone Age art in this style using similar materials.  Our DT focus is food technology this half term, we will be learning how to safely produce various healthy, savoury dishes.



Our PE focus for summer 1 will be fencing, we are very lucky to have Mr White our sports coach leading this. He will then be teaching us archery in Summer 2.  We  will also be learning the skills involved to play rounders and exploring the different events which form athletics.

PE will be on Monday and Friday during the summer term.


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