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Year 5 is all set for another invigorating, motivating and energising half-term.


TOPIC-Our work this half-term will, primarily, be based around The Tudors.

         We will be getting to know the more famous, and infamous,               characters from the Tudor period. Our learning will be question and           research orientated. This exciting study will culminate in a visit to 

         Gainsborough Old Hall where children will be given the opportunity to

         get a real taste for Tudor life.

ENGLISH-Our focus, in writing, will be Historical Texts:Diary and Recount.              The children will have the opportunity to demonstrate the                      progression in their learning at the end of each unit.


READING- Reading remains a priority so children are given every                         opportunity to read to an adult, either as part of a group or                  on a 1:1 basis. Our topic based Guided Reading planning has                 been developed to ensure that children have mastered                        the comprehension skills required to ensure they make                        the progression they deserve. Our learning will be based on                  the novel 'The Executioner's Daughter by Jane Hardstaff                   which links with our Tudor topic.

             Having worked with ERIC (Explain, Retrieve, Interpret,                      Choice) during the Autumn and Spring terms, they will begin                   to use VIPERS (Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain,                           Retrieve, Summarise and Sequence) in preparation for                        Year 6.       



MATHS-Fractions, Decimals and Percentages are the main topics, this

          half- term. Children will continue to improve their fluency,                    reasoning and mastery skills. Properties of Shapes will feature                towards the final two weeks.

         Multiplication tables and corresponding division facts will be a                 secondary focus throughout. 

SCIENCE- Living Things and Their Habitats. Sub-topics will include: How do              plants reproduce? The Life Cycle of Mammals, Metamorphosis-                life cycles of amphibians and insects, A Comparison of Life                    Cycles.


ICT/MUSIC- We will continue with our Tudor theme and enable children to                 compose, record, evaluate and refine a Tudor fanfare. They                   will have access to many examples of Tudor music and work                   collaboratively to use notation in order to write a fanfare fit                 for a king.   
ART- Our study will be based on The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the             Younger (painted 1533). Children will consider the content of the             painting and how artists meticulously chose objects, layout and hidden         meanings within their work. This piece is renowned for the                     anamorphic image of a skull.

PE- Parkour and Tudor Dance will be covered during the next seven weeks.       Parkour is an exciting, relatively new form of exercise and travel. The       aim is to develop agility, balance and coordination. 


RE/PSHE- Our PSHE theme will revolve around the question: Are All                      Changes Bad? It mainly deals with the transition between                      Primary and Secondary education. Children will be able to discuss              their feelings about this change in their lives aswell as equip                  them with the skills,knowledge and understanding they need to                make transition an 'exciting change'. 

            RE-Right and Wrong:What can we learn from religions about                  deciding what is right and wrong?

FRENCH- Our theme is Seasons. Children will learn how to discuss the                    weather and time of year.
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