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Summer Term

Look at our fabulous recreations of Stonehenge! We used paper and modelling clay to create these brilliant models.

As part of our English unit, we are retelling traditional tales but with a Stone Age twist. The story is based upon the 3 little pigs. We all had a great time becoming familiar with the tale by acting the story out.

To inspire the children about our new Stone Age to Iron Age topic, we organised a Stone Age day. This involved the children making stone aged tools, dressing cavemen, hunting food with spears, creating shelters and preparing and cooking food.

Our theme for the Summer Term is…


Who were the first Britons?



We will be investigating the life of the first Britons with  studies based on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Our themes will include cave art, exploring different ways the first Britons created homes and comparing how life changed as more objects/materials were founded or invented. We will also begin to compare life in Britain to life in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, considering the similarities and differences in life at this time. We will have the opportunity to explore cave art, create our own prehistoric tools and cook food using traditional ingredients! As part of this topic, we will also visit Cresswell Crags. 


In English we will continue to apply our growing grammar and spelling knowledge. We will investigate poetry and re-write a traditional tale set in the Stone Age. We will end the year writing instructions, linked to our DT work.


In Maths, we will apply our four operations knowledge by exploring money and related real life problems. We will then finish off the year exploring 2D and 3D shape, perimeter and statistics (including Pictograms and Bar Charts).


Year 3 will also investigate the work of Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement for the first half of this half term. They will then move onto creating Pizzas, linked to our instructions and statistics work!


We will continue to swim on a Monday morning and will complete our 5/60 program with the Amber Valley Sports Partnership, continuing to explore different sports, healthy eating and how to keep ourselves healthy.


Once again, we've had a fantastic year and cannot believe it is almost over! The whole team have really noticed how every child has matured and become fabulous, independent learners. Thank you again for your continued support: we cannot wait to see how well your children do in the coming years at RJS!


The Y3 team

As part of our topic 'what makes Usain Boltrun so fast?' we have been learning how to keep how bodies fit and healthy. The Amber Valley Sports Partnership's Five60 programme is helping us to learn about this, it is also great fun.

We have been learning to tell the time this half term. It has been a little tricky at times but we have been having lots of fun.

Miss Butler's English group have had a great time learning the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We have created puppet shows and done some hot seating to help us learn the story.

Our theme for the Summer Term 1 is…


How does Usain Bolt move so fast?



Learning Journals - In this unit we will cover two topics: 'You are what you eat', which explores issues surrounding healthy eating, digestion and keeping ourselves healthy. In 'How does Usain Bolt move so fast?', we will explore the human skeleton and muscles and how the way these parts of our bodies develop affect the ways in which we move and compete in sport.


Maths – this half term we shall explore time. Children will be taught to tell the time to the nearest minute on analogue and digital clocks – even with clock which use roman numerals! We will also solve problems which involve time intervals.


English – we will explore persuasive texts, linked to healthy eating and will write poems based around various nonsense poems we read! We will also continue our daily reading and spelling programmes.


RE - We will also begin exploring different views of God in RE, considering how different religions views help followers to shape their life choices.


PSHE – we will explore changes and how it’s okay to have and change our life goals to meet our interests.


PE - This term, we also begin swimming, which is on a Monday morning and will begin our 5/60 unit, which also explores healthy eating and different activities we can take part in to keep us fit and healthy.


Computing – we will explore programming skills, using turtle. We will also continue to explore how to stay safe online.



We will continue to set Maths and Spelling homework each week on a Friday, to be returned on a Wednesday. Please continue to read at least twice a week at home.


Once again, thank you for your help and support this year, we are looking forward to another successful term!

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