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If you feel this English is too similar to the other day, try these activities:


Find an information book at home and write a list of words you want to magpie.


Write synonyms for the following words:













Can you think of 7 for each?


Use the year 4 spelling words sheet (in extra activities) and see how many sentences you can write about cloud goblins using as many of those spellings as you can. 

English Input

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Guided Reading - use the same poem all week and do one VIPERS question a day

If you have completed all the questions, in full sentences and in detail, create your own VIPER questions for a reading book at home. Write the questions and then answer them in full sentences. 


For food tasting - if you can't taste the foods DO NOT WORRY. 

Try different foods you can find and write them down.

Then have a guess at how far they have travelled and write it on a piece of paper. You can have a go at Google Maps and see if you were right!


If you cannot do any food tasting, have a look at the extra activities section and complete a different activity.

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