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Ancient Greece. 
GOALS  - they may take you some time, that's ok!

  • Understand how Ancient Greece influenced the modern world.
  • Understand the meaning behind the Olympic Games
  • Understand what democracy is.
  • Compare ancient and modern democracy.


Have a scroll through this page and see what you can use this week.

The topic files are both the same. There is one task actually on the pages, so if you are working electronically, the Word version might be useful (it may change format though). If you are only printing, use the pdf.

Other tasks can be done however you choose to present your work.

There will also be a Purple Mash 2Do for each part. The file tells you when to expect it these.


As always, read through everything and watch the learning videos before printing anything that you might not need.

Topic Learning File - information and tasks

Learning Video 1

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Key Facts about Ancient Greece

Learning Video 2

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The Olympics past and present

Useful links - included in the file docs.
Olympic Games:


Democracy - child friendly


Democracy - advanced but still child friendly




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