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Week 11 - w/c 22nd June 2020

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are ready for another week of learning! Keep the photos, files and messages coming our way, we love hearing about what you have been doing with your time.

This week you have:


  • English : short story and basic skill tasks
  • Guided Reading : comprehension tasks
  • Maths: shapes + My Maths 
  • Science: life cycles of birds
  • Topic: Ancient Greece - how it influenced Britain as we know it.
  • Phonics and the Brain Builder are further down this page
  • Purple Mash has a selected of optional 2Dos.
  • Reading for Pleasure: Read your own books of course, but the Year 5 home page on here has the link for listening to the 4 different stories shown which Miss Mowbray has put together for you. New chapters get added throughout the week, so just refresh/check back when you've caught up (there is no need for a new link).

Miss Briggs and Mrs Spencer's Phonics Group

This week we are looking at the sounds 

 ai   ee    ie


Can you find all of the words in the word search? 

Remember to sound the words out as you search for them.

We cant wait to see who finds them all!

If you would like a further challenge, you could make your own word search.

Mrs Thawley's Phonics Group

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Naylor's Phonics Group


Hello everyone, I hope that you are all safe and well. I can see that you are all working very hard, well done.


This week we will have a look back at the sounds that we have been learning.


ss              oo           ee          er


Write 4 sentences using a word from each sound group.



I miss everyone in my class.

The moon was bright last night.

Can you see the fluffy cat?

Where is the rubber?


Don't cheat and use my sentences.

Remember capital letters and full stops.

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