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Week 2 - w/c 30th March 2020

Brain Builders

This weeks' Brain Builder:

Design a logo for your own Theme Park

Mrs Briggs and Mrs Spencer's Phonics Group

Your phonics task this week is to create a poster about the sounds 'ch' and 'ng'. Make it as colourful as you can, using whatever you like - even collage. Words, pictures, go for it!


Have fun doing it and remeber you can either send it to your class email address or take photos and send them instead.


Take care, stay safe and remember to look after one another.

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Naylor's Phonics Groups

This weeks' sound is 'sh'.


Draw a sound cloud with the sound 'sh' in the middle. Around the outside of your cloud, write words that begin with the 'sh' sound. 


We have completed this type of task lots of times in our group so you will all be familiar with it.


Good luck!. We know you love a challenge!

Mrs Thawley's Phonics Group

Mrs West's Spelling Group

Inspector West's Detective Reading Group

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