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Week 6 - w/c 11th May 2020

Brain Builders

Create a short piece of music that could go with your favourite movie or book.


There is a 2 do set for the brain builder if you want to use Purple Mash, or you may use your own instruments/items at home to make the music. If it is not on Purple Mash, we'd love it if you shared a video with us via email or dojo.


Your music could also be a song/lyrics if you're feeling creative.


Miss Briggs and Mrs Spencer's Phonics Group

Hello all you Superior Word Wizards!


We hope you enjoyed finding as many words as you could last week and really challenged yourselves.

This week thinking about the sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, ie, oa, and ue sounds we would like you to create your own Super Hero then label/describe them using words created from the sound list. Try and think of one for each sound, some may be tricky but have a go.


We are so incredibly proud of all of you, you are amazing!! Keep up the good work and we hope to see you as soon as we can.


Mrs Spencer and Miss Briggs

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Naylor's Phonics Group

This week we thought it would be nice to do something that we enjoyed doing in the past in our group.

Write the alphabet on a sheet of paper then for each letter write a boys or girls name;

A. Anna

B. Ben




See if you can get all the way to Z.


Good luck

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Naylor

Mrs Thawley's Phonics Group


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