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Week 8 - w/c 1st June 2020

Brain Builders

We would like you to think of your favourite book and design an alternative front cover for it!


Think about what themes are important in the book. If it is a happy story, you might want to include bright, vibrant colours to reflect this.


Remember, a front cover is the first thing someone sees when picking up a book, so you will need to make it as appealing as possible to encourage people to read it!


Good luck!

Miss Briggs and Mrs Spencer's Phonics Group

Hi everyone, we hope you have enjoyed the Spring Break with your family.


This week in Phonics we are still looking at the sounds oi, ar and er.

Below is a list of words, your task this week is to write it, draw it, use it. So for each word write it down, draw a picture of it then use it in a sentence.


Remember!! Try not to start your sentences with I, He, She…etc,  make them a bit more interesting!









You can do it!! We are so impressed with your learning attitudes, keep it up Superstars!!!

Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Naylor's Phonics Group

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all very well and staying safe.


New sound 'th'

This week's challenge is to list as many words beginning or end with the sound 'th'.

If you would like to challenge yourself then write 3 sentences that contain a 'th' word from your list.


Mrs Thawley's Phonics Group

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