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Our Year 3 photograph album

This section is for our young photographers.

Captured images of Spring, will be uploaded to create a photograph album to celebrate the talents of our Year 3 children.


Thank you to Hela, Luna, Zach, Amelia, Tyler, Grace and Macie, who have started our album off. Well done. They're fabulous. 

Check out our next bunch of images from our young photographers. Amazing.

Thank you, Joseph, Joe, Oliver, Hope, Tyler, Zach, Lakisha, Jack, Amaya and Amelia.


The next section of our album is as wonderful as the others. Great job, Year 3. FABULOUS.

Well done Layla, Katie, Hope, Josh and Tyler.


Our Friday section has been started by Jack. Well done, Jack.


Our Monday selection of outstanding Spring photos. Thank you to Macie

Joseph, Logan and Abby.

Blake and Erin thank you for starting our Tuesday selection.



3AH 22-05-2020

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3AH Lockdown Memories

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