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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



What will we be learning this half term?




We begin this half term with fiction. We will link our topic (The Romans) and English, by planning and writing our own Roman Adventure Stories.


We will then move on to Explanation Texts. We will write our own texts that link with various aspects of our learning - Why did the Romans use catapults? (history) and How do we hear sounds? (science).



Our Guided Reading will link closely to our English. We will use our RICs skills to answer questions and complete a variety of tasks.


Our maths for this half term begins with decimals. This will continue on from our fractions unit earlier in the year. We will also incorporate money into this.


It is very important that all the children know their times tables by the end of this academic year, as they underpin everything they will study in maths.   Check out these cool multiplication songs - you'll know them all off by heart in no time!



Our topic for this term is The Romans. We will find out about who the Romans were, key facts and information about them, and what they did for us.



Our Science focus this half term is Sound. We will explore how and why we hear sounds, how we can make different sounds, as well as solve various sound problems.



Our DT unit this half term is Catapults. The children will find out more about Roman siege engines and how they work. They will use a range of DT skills to research, design, make and evaluate their own.




Our unit this half term will focus on Drugs and Alcohol. It will support the children in making informed and intelligent decisions.


Our RE unit over this term is 'What makes a leader worth following?' 



We will continue to improve our French vocabulary and accent. Our focus will be on 'The Body' and describing different body parts.



Over the whole of Year 4, we will have weekly swimming lessons. The children will build their confidence within the water, moving on to mastering the various strokes used in swimming.

We will also have a coaching session during this term, that will be lead by a qualified sports coach.


We are incredibly lucky this year to have music lessons during our Wider Opportunities, with our qualified music teachers. The children will have the chance to learn a string instrument (cello, double bass or violin) and then perform later in the year.


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