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Young Voices 2022

Young Voices 2022 

What is young voices?


Young voices is a huge choir concert using children from schools all around the country.


We get sent the music, we rehearse in school (or at home if we can’t rehearse in school), then we join together
to form a choir of thousands and perform all the songs together. This year the concert is in January/February.


What kind of songs are there?


They usually include a variety.

This year there is a Lion King Medley, a medley of different pop songs (such as Reach, Titanium, Greatest Day),
Beatles medley, Muppets Medley and so much more.

Usually there is a song written especially for the concert and a song in a foreign language as well.



In total there are 10 songs (but some of these are very long!)

There are also dance moves to learn for some of the songs. It’s a lot of hard work to learn all the songs and dances,
but it’s a lot of fun when we get there!



What does it sound/look like?


Have a look at this video clip.

We all stay in our seats for the whole concert. We all stay as one group in our school. It’s all about the whole sound
of everyone together. This means if you forget the words or dance moves for one little bit, no one will notice!


They often have solo singers singing some bits of the songs. A soloist starts this song in the clip. At 1.24 the choir joins in.
All those children in white t-shirts are the choir! 


What happens on the day?


We meet at school and have a bit of a practise.


Then we get a coach altogether to the arena.


We arrive about lunch time and have our lunch in our seats.


Next, we have a rehearsal with the rest of the choir and the soloists and the dancers.


Then we have tea.


After that, they let the audience in.


At about 7:00, the concert starts.


The show finishes about half 9.

Parents either pick you up from the arena, or they will meet us back at school.


Young Voices 2022 will take place 8th February.


To access the music and rehearsal lyrics go to 


Young Voices - The largest School Choir in the World

Then click 'menu', 'children' 'music room'


The password is YV2021


Rehearsals will start at school on a Wednesday lunchtime. 



During rehearsals you will get consent forms and more information on how to join in. 

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