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To develop, encourage, support and guide within an all-inclusive environment. A place (including outdoors) of high expectations, where progression, creativity, imagination, self expression, confidence, resilience and social/emotional development is paramount.

To develop lifelong skills and possibilities which will support and enrich our children's future.

To inspire and motivate our children to form an appreciation of art from the past and present, from a rich variety of cultures and the world around us. 



At RJS, the Art and Design curriculum will be implemented through meticulous planning (ensuring progression), monitoring, assessment, resource provision, enrichment opportunities  and confident/knowledgeable enablers.


1.Exploring and Developing Ideas

*To record from experience and imagination

*To question and make thoughtful observations

*To collect images and materials to develop sketch book ideas

2.Investigate and Make

*To investigate and combine visual/tactile qualities of materials and processes

*To apply their experience of materials/processes.

*To use a variety of methods/approaches to communicate observations, ideas and feelings. 

3.Develop Knowledge/Skills and Understanding

*To use visual/tactile elements and know how they can be combined and organised for different purposes.

*To know that materials/processes can be matched to ideas and intentions.

*To understand how to use ICT and digital technology.

*To understand the roles /purposes of artists/craftspeople/designers working in different times and cultures.

4.Evaluate and Develop Their Work.

*To compare ideas/methods/approaches in their own and others' work, reflecting on how they feel and think about them.

*To adapt/refine their own work describing how to develop it further.

*To engage in periodic opportunities, within lessons to reflect. 

5.Well structured Lessons 

*Wow starters


*Self/peer/teacher evaluations mid-lesson.

*Well/appropriately resourced.

*Mid-lesson reflection/celebration

*Appropriate support and guidance for children who may need it.

*Self-evaluation using the Star Tool.


*Teacher observation/learning walks

*Sketch books will provide an ongoing record of progress, creativity, confidence/resilience.

*Children self-assess: Star tool

*Teachers use the marking policy

*End of unit assessment

*End of year report

7.Regular Monitoring

*Sketch books

*Staff questionnaires

*Pupil voice

*Learning walks

*Planning reviews

*Resources audits


Art and Design opportunities are loved and eagerly anticipated by all children and adults.

Curriculum Overview 2023/2024

Websites guaranteed to inspire

Policy currently awaiting approval

The following section is full of glorious examples of art, from each year group, completed this year.   

Amazing Art in Year 3

Silhouettes of Stonehenge against oil pastel sunsets.

Drawing skills

Collaborative Collage inspired by Henri Rousseau

Outstanding examples for all to enjoy. Year 4

Outstanding examples for all to enjoy. Year 5

Outstanding examples for all to enjoy. Year 6

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