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Parental Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors to our School



Here at RJS, we want to promote a harmonious and kind school where everyone supports our values.


Below are expectations when you are on our school grounds:

  • They comply with Safeguarding and Health and Safety systems and expectations
  • They ensure they are familiar with the above
  • They comply with all requests from staff
  • They communicate politely and calmly
  • They are respectful about our staff, our pupils and other visitors
  • They move around our school safely and with regard for others
  • If they see or hear a problem they inform a member of staff as quickly and quietly as possible and they allow us to deal with it
  • They reinforce the school rules and expectations with their children
  • They dress and conduct themselves appropriately and seek advice where this is unclear.


When visitors are on site we expect that they will all follow this code, regardless of why they are here.


A breach of this code may result in stress, worry or other harm to a child, or a member of staff, or other parents/visitors.

A warning letter or even a ban from the school site may also be a consequence of a breach of this code.


Thank you.


Staff, Pupils and Governing Body of Ripley Junior School

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