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Attitudes to Thrive

Attitudes to Thrive

At Ripley Junior School, we believe that our children need to take a positive, proactive approach to their learning, behaviour and emotional well-being. Believing in ourselves is one of the most important things to make sure that we succeed – we need to know what we did well, how we can improve and how to be successful.


To help our children, we have 6 key Attitudes to Thrive - our ‘Maples’ – meet them below and find out more…

Hi! I’m ‘More than just me!’ I help you think about the ways in which you can work collaboratively to improve your learning, while also supporting others. It is also about how you can play and interact with others on the playground, field and around school. I am a Thrive Team Worker.






I’m ‘Dare to be different'. I’m here to make you think about different ways you can improve your learning and your interactions with others: you can think outside the box, try something a little different or even try things that other people aren’t doing to see if it helps you reach an even greater goal! I am a Thrive Creative Thinker.




Hello, I’m ‘Aiming high’. I always want you to challenge and push yourself to reach even greater highs in your learning and in the outdoor environment. I am a Thrive Independent Enquirer.








'How well did I do?' I always ask you to reflect on your learning and behaviour, to think about what worked well and plan for next steps to help you make amazing progress. In lessons, at break/lunchtimes and at the end of a lesson or break/lunchtime, always ask yourself, ‘How well did I do?’.

I am a Thrive Reflective Learner.





I’m ‘Thinking for myself’. There’s times when you need to think outside the box and do something that will help you get out of the learning dip or succeed. It could be that you think back to another lesson or another occasion and try a different method, or even use a resource to achieve something. I am a Thrive Self Manager.




I can do it! If you find something tricky, keep positive and believe in yourself! I want you to always keep a positive, growth mind set when trying new and daunting things. Don’t give up, think ‘I can do it!’. I am a Thrive Effective Participant.

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