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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Your Mental Health and Wellbeing is the MOST important thing to us at RJS! Every child needs to be safe, happy and healthy in order to thrive.

What is Mental Health?

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What does 'good' mental health look like?


Mental Health is all about making you feel the best that you can be - in an 'emotional' sense. It is all about sleep, social connections, exercise, meaningful activities and managing your other emotions.


You need to remember that everyone gets sad, stressed and angry sometimes; I promise it isn't just you.


Wellbeing is all about being positive (that doesn't mean to say you have to be your happiest all the time - we all have our bad days.)


You need to feel good about yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Mental Health Awareness

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How can you improve your mental health?

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No one feels happy all of the time. That is not 'normal.'


Anxiety is normal. 


Everyone feels anxious at some point - whether that is worried or scared. It is a perfectly normal reaction in different situations.


There are ways you can help yourself, if you're feeling like this:


* Try to relax - do something calming, such as meditation or colouring

* Play games and toys - this will help as a distraction

* Talk to someone - this could be anyone you trust, in school or out

* If you are scared about something, try to overcome your fear.


How do we support mental health in school?

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At times, there can be stigma surrounding Mental Health. 

Anti-stigma is the fight against this - a fight to help everyone! It will help protect the people that may be facing these issues, as then they know it's ok to feel different ways.

Helpful websites:

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