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Design and Technology

There are four main areas of Design and Technology: Investigate, Design, Make and Evaluate.


Each unit will consist of these steps to completion:

1) Design brief - what is it that the children will be doing?

2) Investigate and research into existing products

3) Design various products

4) Choose the design they will make

5) Focused practical tasks, guided by the teacher

6) Make the product

7) Evaluate the product, including quality of finish.


The children will work in design sketchpads, which show their learning journey throughout the unit. There should be cross-curricular links where appropriate; maths skills such as measure and instructional writing.




This is a good example of what a sketchbook may look like:


Design briefs are given at the beginning





Research into existing products




The design process





Action plans written to guide the making





Evaluation of the product





Evidence of the childrens' learning




In addition to the four main areas, the subject aims to help the children to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.


Throughout Key Stage 2, pupils will be taught to:

 1) understand the ideas behind healthy and varied diets

2) prepare and cook a range of savory dishes guided by a teacher

3) use a range of preparation and cooking techniques

4) understand seasonality and know where and how ingredients can be grown, reared, caught and processed.



The children will apply the same learning journey process to their cooking and nutrition as they do their other work, and this will too be presented in their sketchbooks.




Over their four years, the teaching and learning will aim to guide the children towards refining their familiar skills and producing more sophisticated products in all areas.

Year 4 children making pasta sauce 

Y5 Electrical Programming - Mars Rovers

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