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Autumn Term



To start with, in English this term we are writing our own version of the Egyptian story of the Bennu Bird. 


Then we move on to writing a biography of the famous archeologist Howard Carter, and create a diary entry for another archeologist, who is less well known, Tadeo Jones. 


We finish the term off by creating some Christmas poetry.




In guided reading, we try to match the text to the genre of work we are looking at in English, or our current topic. We have looked at the story of Icarus flying too close to the sun, an information text on the River Nile and a diary entry about the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. 


We follow VIPERS for our questioning. This ensures children get to delve into the text and get a variety of questions. VIPERS stands for:










We currently split year 4 into different groups depending on their phonics/spelling needs. 




In maths this term we are focussing on place value of 4 digit numbers. This forms the basis for most of our maths knowledge, so we focus on this for a few weeks.


After half term, we move on to addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 


We always have a focus on times tables and use Times Tables Rockstars to help implement this. 





We alternate between a history and geography topic throughout the year. In the first term, we focus on Ancient Egyptians in history.


We get up to all sort of things in history! We link history to a lot of our other subjects as well.

We look at creating our own canopic jars (link to art), we create a torch for an archeologist (link to DT), we mummify a tomato and find out fun facts like whether the Ancient Egyptians actually had camels!




In science this term we are learning all about electricity. We are learning about circuits, how to create them, and how to be safe around them. Then we finish off by designing and creating our own torches. 


After half term we start looking at states of matter, solids, liquids and gases.




In computing, we use the chromebooks each week to develop our skills. We use a site called Purple Mash that we can all log on to. This term we have been learning the differences between hardware and software. We also  look at how to use search engines effectively and the best way to search for the information we need. 




In design technology this term we dabble in designing, making and evaluating torches in a group. Our aim is to create a torch that an archeologist could use when discovering the tombs in Egypt. 




In art, we will be looking at using clay to create our own mini canopic jars (don't worry, we wont be filling them!).




This term to start with we are working on helping us to shine again and what happens when we don't feel very 'shiny'. We have been focussing on helping our own mental health and feeling happy, and how we can make ourselves feel happier if we are having a bad day. We have been looking at what 'self-care' means and making sure we are looking after our own mental health. 


We also are going to be look at what it means to 'Be Me' and look at how every single one of us is special. 




In RE, we are looking at what it means to be a Hindu for children in Britain today.

After half term, we focus on what it means to be a Christian for children in Britain today.




In PE we have a focus on athletics before half term, and dance after half term.




Spanish is a new subject to us at RJS so we are starting from the basics.

We are covering numbers, greetings and colours this term. 




We are super lucky in year 4 because we get to learn an instrument. This year, we are all learning the clarinet. Each week, a specialised music teacher comes in to teach music to each class. 

To start with, we are learning about beats, rhythm, pitch and playing lots of fun music games. Nearer to Christmas, year 4 will be able to take their own instrument home to practice with in-between lessons.


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