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Through our History curriculum at Ripley Junior School, we strive to inspire a curiosity and excitement within our children. We want to develop both historical knowledge (local, within the UK, plus worldwide) and the skills needed to become an effective historian. We aim to inspire the children so they have a life-long love and interest in History and understand how past events have impacted on the world and their lives today. We want our children to understand the career paths and jobs that a love of history could lead them to: writer, lawyer, researcher, park ranger or university professor, to name but a few.



Through carefully planned topics, that enable progression and recapping throughout both the academic year and KS2, children will be excited and inspired by our History Curriculum.


In order to capture the children’s interest, planning may include (but not limited to):

  • WOW starters
  • Theme days
  • Food tasting
  • Visitors/experiences coming into school
  • Visits to other places
  • A rich range of physical resources – books, objects, artefacts.
  • Skills-based opportunities, e.g. archaeological dig
  • Different outcomes to promote knowledge gained, i.e. not only work in books. The children could design a board game based on what they have found out, or devise a multiple-choice answer quiz on Purple Mash.
  • Technology/internet based resources, e.g. on online games or using the green screen to make a short film about something.
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