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Spring Term

For the spring term, we will be exploring South America and the rainforests found in this tropical area. We shall also be investigating the ancient Maya who lived in this region. Just like the autumn term, most of our subjects will relate to this topic to immerse the children and create a cross-curricular approach.





This term we will look at some more of the Year 3 grammar objectives including developing our knowledge and understanding of expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials. We will be exploring the genres of: 

* Biographies - looking at Sir David Attenborough 

* Non-chronological reports linked to the rainforest 

* Adventure stories 

* Myths and legends - this is linked to the Maya 

For our reading this term we will continue to explore different genres and use our VIPER skills to answer questions and to consider what different authors have written and why they have written it in those ways. We will be looking at both longer and shorter texts and will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction genres. 

We will continue to have our 30minute spelling session each day and will be looking at different spelling rules and patterns. These include homophones, words with an i sound spelt with a y, words with prefixes like mis-, re-, sub- and tele- and words with the suffixes -ness, -ful and -ment. 

For our Maths work we split the children into four different groups. Our groups are very fluid and we move the children around as and when we feel they would benefit. The group working with Mrs Blowen and Mrs Flynn will spend more time recapping the Year 2 curriculum and will work at a slower pace. 

This term we shall complete our multiplication and division work. By the end of the unit the children should be secure in knowing and using their 3x, 4x and 8x table as well as being able to solve multiplication calculations using a formal method. 

The remainder of the spring term will focus on: 

* Money 

* Length and perimeter 

* Mass and capacity



During the first half of the spring term we will be exploring the countries that are home to tropical rainforests by exploring maps and atlases. We will then be learning all about the rainforests and what the climate is like within them, what animals live there and what is happening to them. When we return after half-term, we will move onto looking at the ancient Maya. 

For 3AH and 3LB, Science will continue to be taught by Mrs Till, who is part of the PPA team. 3BF will be taught Science by Mrs Blowen and Mrs Flynn. We will be exploring plants and animals including humans. 

In our Computing work we will begin by recapping our online safety work to ensure we will be safe and sensible when working online. This will also be reinforced on Safer Internet Day in February. 


During our Computing lessons we will be learning how to type properly and efficiently but looking at which fingers we should be using for which keys. We will also be learning how to send and reply to emails. 

This half term we will be completing our work on Relationships and Sex Education. This is taught sensitively and age appropriately. 


If you would like to see what is covered, in what year group, then please click the link below. It contains information about the legalities of the subject and how we teach it throughout school.
If you would like support in speaking to your child about RSE topics, then please note we have a PSHE Lending Library in school where parents can borrow and return books to help you speak to and teach your child, if you wish to. This library is in Mrs Wood's and Miss Butler's classroom.
All information regarding this is on the link below.
If you have any questions at all please message me.

This term in our RE work we will be exploring the bible and why it is important to Christians. After half term we shall look at religious festivals and why they are important to communities. 

In our Spanish work we will continue to more confident in using greetings and counting. We shall also explore colours. 

For our Music work we follow the Charanga scheme of work. This means this term we shall be looking at 'Three Little Birds' and 'The Dragon Song'. Three Little Birds is  a Reggae song by Bob Marley and The Dragon Song is about kindness, respect, friendship, acceptance and happiness.


In the spring term we will spend some time doing Art and some time doing D&T. Our artwork will focus on the work on Henri Rousseau and will culminate in us creating a piece of collaborative art in the style of 'Surprised' by Rousseau. For D&T we will explore moving mechanisms and will create our own pop-up page.

PE for the spring term will be Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Football. 3LB and 3BF will have their final sessions with Mr White from Amber Valley Sports Partnership during the spring term. We aim to have two lessons of PE per week but due to daily walk and Forest Schools this is not always possible. 


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