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Our School Day

Our School day!


We have busy, full days here at Ripley Juniors! We have days full of learning, enjoyment and new experiences.


Full detail about our school day and curriculum can be found in our school prospectus, here on our website, but here is a brief overview of our school day: 


8.45am: School gates open for all pupils both onto the playground and at the front entrance.


8.45 - 8.55am: Children come into school and as per our 'soft start' to the day, they head straight to their classrooms for their morning 'check in'. 


8.55am: Each class completes their register and learning starts for the day. 


12.15pm: All children have an hour for their lunchtime to eat and play. Children also have a 20 minute break from learning in the morning to have a snack and socialise with their friends. 


1.15pm: Afternoon learning begins. Classes may choose to have a brain break or a class walk during this time. 


3.30pm: The school day ends for all children unless they are taking part in a club or activity. Children from Year 3 and 4 are dismissed onto the playground and children from Year 5 and Year 6 are dismissed at the main entrance. 


Children who attend Ripley Junior School are in school for a minimum of 32.5 hours per week. 

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