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Summer Term

During the summer term, we will be going on a journey through pre-history. We will be moving through the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and will complete our journey in the Iron Age. Just like the rest of this year, most of our subjects will relate to this topic. 

Our English work this term will be linked to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We will being by looking at traditional tales, can you think of any traditional tales? What features do they have? We will then be writing our own traditional tale but one set in the Stone Age! We shall also be looking at diaries, instructions and poetry. 

We will continue to develop our comprehension skills in preparation for Year 4! We will continue to look at a whole range of texts and genres and will then be using our VIPERS to really dig deeper into the text. 

During this term we will continue to explore different spelling rules and patterns. We will also begin to unpick, in more detail, the Year 3/4 spelling words. These are words that we have to be able to spell by the end of Year 4 and there is a lot of them! 


The summer term will see us explore volume and mass. We will then move on to explore fractions. This is a big unit of work and will take us quite a long time to complete. Once we have done this we will be squeezing in telling the time and some work on shape! It is going to be a very busy term! 


We will continue to be covering all of our History and Geography learning objectives as part of our 'theme'. This term we will be going on our journey from the Stone Age to the Iron Age via the Bronze Age. We will be spending time outside and doing lots of fun creative activities. 

This term we will busy exploring all things rocks and soil. We will be examining the different kinds of rocks and soils that there are. We will then be grouping the rocks by really examining them closely. We will then move on to look at fossil and Mary Anning and her contribution to palaentology. Following all things rock we will move on to soil! We will look how soil is formed and then explore some different soil profiles. 


Our skills on the Chrome Books have really developed and we are getting very good! This term we will be learning all about email and all things communication. We will have lots of opportunities to safely open and respond to an email and add an attachment to the email. 

After email we will looking at creating graphs and modelling simulations. 

Don't forget we can also look at TTRockstars to help us with our times table work. 

Our PSHE work for this term will be our whole school unit on Sex and Relationship Education (SRE). Further information about what we will cover in these lessons is available here  

Following on from our SRE work we will be looking at 'being responsible' and how we can be responsible citizens. 

For our final term of RE we will be focusing on:

* What do different people believe about God?

* Why do people pray?

During this summer term we will continue to develop our learning of Spanish and more about the Spanish culture. We will be learning the days of the week and parts of the body. 



During the summer term we will complete one Art and one D&T topic. Our Art will relate to our Stone Age to Iron Age topic and we will be look at cave art. For D&T we will focus on food technology and will be designing and making our own pizzas. 


Music for the summer term will be 'painting with sound' where we will explore how to create music using technology. 



During the summer term we will be developing our skills in gymnastics, cricket and rounders. 

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