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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

In the school office you will meet Mrs Archer our School Business Manager, Mrs Swift our School Business Assistant and Miss Smith our School Office Administrator. 






You may also meet Mrs Alldread who is, amongst other things, our Home/School Liaison Assistant.


Mrs Clarke is our Head teacher.



Mrs Woodward is our Deputy Head teacher. 



Mr Adams, Mrs Turner and Miss Riley are our Assistant Team Leaders. 




Miss Cheetham is our SENDCo.



Year Teams for 2021-22


Year 3

Mrs Blowen, Mrs Flynn,  Mrs Hardy, and Mrs Bettison



Mrs Naylor, Mrs Concannon, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Fletcher will support Year 3.





Year 4                                                                                                

Miss Fenton, Miss Plumtree, Miss Cheetham and Mrs Woodward 


Mrs Beardsley, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Thawley and Mrs Foulkes will support Y4 




Year 5 - 

Miss Mowbray, Mrs Wood, Miss Bulter and Mr Holling  


Miss Richardson, Miss Street, Mrs Knight, Miss Snowball, Mrs Couch Derrick and Miss Walker  will be supporting Year 5.



Year 6 - 

Miss Davies, Miss Riley and Mrs Turner.




Mrs West, Miss Burton, Miss Briggs, Mrs Pegg, Mrs Amos, Miss Percival and Mrs Chalkin will be supporting Year 6.



Miss Burton, Mrs Thawley and Mrs West will also be our Learning Mentors within school.





Other teaching staff:

Mr Adams and Mrs Till will be teaching subjects across the curriculum when the usual classroom teachers have their Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA). 



Mrs Beardsley provides the Positive Play provision, she can also offer some Bereavement Counselling.



Mrs Beecroft and Miss Briggs provide Nurture sessions, Mrs Beecroft also runs our sanctuary at dinner time, Leads our afterschool club (STEP's) and manages the library. 



Miss Burton, is our Breakfast Club leader, TA and Midday Supervisor. 



Mrs Naylor is our Senior Midday Supervisor, Mrs Alldread, Mrs Slack, Mrs Pegg, Mrs Frisby, Mrs Allen, Mrs Hancock, Mrs Williams and Mrs Foulkes are our midday supervisors. 




Mrs Pickering is our catering supervisor.




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